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Community Advertising

When submitting your site to be listed in the Community Advertising directory, the most important thing you can do is understand how we organize sites and properly place your site. This means less work for us to get you listed and ensuring that our visitors easily find you.

This guide to our categories is a good read, even if you think you know where your site belongs. And of course, we're here to help should you have any questions about submitting your site. Just contact us.

Advertising Websites that work to promote other sites, have link directories, or are primarily in the business of selling advertising should be listed here. For example, Community Advertising would belong in this category. So if your site is similar to ours in the services it performs, place your site into this category. This category is not for you to GAIN advertising, it is only if you OFFER advertising.

Blogs This category is pretty generic but a blog is defined as a website that has constant articles written on any topic and allows visitors to leave comments and/or feedback on each article. Typically blogs are powered by such services as Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, Expression Engine, Cute News, etc.

Candles A new category for Community Advertising, if your site sells candles, aromatherapy, tips for candle making, affiliate programs for candles, etc place your website into this category.

Communities Forums, Social Networking, etc. If your website is to promote a community or build communities, placement is best in this category.

Crafts & DIY For websites devoted to non-digital crafting, home improvement, and do-it-yourself.

Direct Sales Sites that promote the marketing of products or services through phone calls, e-mails, etc should be placed here.

Fashion & Accessories For stores that carry clothing, purses, children's clothes, etc. This should be tangible items bought by your visitors.

Gifts Self explanatory, gifts are simply items given to other people. A lot of online stores focus on gift giving with baskets, baby products, bath and body. If your site is focused on gifts to be purchased by your consumer for other people this category works for you.

Gourmet Foods & Cooking This category is for sites that are about Food or offer Food related products for sale.

Graphic Design For artists who have websites for logo design, graphic design, custom business cards or letterhead. The site should promote the service of online graphic design.

Health & Beauty Make-up, bath products, vitamins, etc. If your website is related to general wellness or beauty products your placement should be here.

Personal This category is for family sites, real-life experiences, and directly relate to who you are as a person.

Pixel Lineart Images that are typically drawn by hand in a dot to dot fashion. Websites that belong in this category are typically membership sites that sell their small graphics.

Pixel Purchaseware Using the information for the pixel lineart category, purchaseware sites do not typically have a membership area but allow visitors to purchase small graphics one by one through a site shop.

Shopping Sites that offer a wide range of products, online goods, tangible goods, and more should be placed into this category. It is a somewhat generic category for sites that do not belong in other more specific shopping categories.

Small Business Independently owned small websites looking to promote their online or off-line services belong in this category. Small businesses can include affiliates of a small company.

Specialized Services This category is for sites that specialize in providing a service. Sites such as real estate agencies, virtual assistants, ghost writers, travel agents, hospitality companies, party planners etc.

Web Design Websites that are centered around the idea of designing and creating website layouts, graphics, and services for other people looking to make their mark on the web.

Web Hosting Web hosts are the way to get your website from your computer to your world. Websites who provide hosting services for websites or blogs should be listed in this category.

Work at Home This category is for the websites out there that directly relate to working at home. This is not for company websites that have affiliate programs for people to begin working at home but for the affiliates who have their own sites and are already working at home.


Community Advertising

Community Advertising


Community Advertising

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