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Community Advertising Frequently Asked Questions


Community Advertising

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Below are the most asked questions about Community Advertising. If your question is not answered here, contact us.


Q: How long until I see my site in the category I chose?
A: Updates are made to Community Advertising every 3 to 5 business days. We do not update on the weekends or major U.S. holidays.

Q: I can't link back to you, can I submit my site anyway?
A: Sorry, a link back is required. If you cannot or will not link back, please check our banner advertising and premium directory listing options for advertising placements that do not require a link back to us.

Q: I submitted my site and received a rejection letter, why?
A: Typically we only reject sites that do not link back to us or sites that we find not to be family friendly (your site has to be acceptable for children to view). Additionally if your site does not comply with the guidelines explained in our terms of service your submission may be rejected.

Q: How come I cannot upload my banner to you?
A: Banner advertising is a paid service which is separate from our free directory listing option. Visit our banner advertising page to view our advertising rates and options.

Q: My website is listed and I need to change it, what do I do?
Please use our contact page to let us know of changes to your website and/or have your listing removed from our website.

Q: I'm an affiliate for [insert company name here] can I be listed on your website?
A: YES! As long as you can link back to Community Advertising on the same URL you are asking to be listed on our site with.

Q: I have an affiliate site, can I still be added in if I can link back to you on a different site?
A: NO! Your link back to Community Advertising MUST be on the site you're asking us to link to. No exceptions, sorry.

Q: My site used to be listed but now it's not, what happened?
A: More than likely, your site was removed during routine link verification where we could not locate a reciprocal link or your URL was dead.



Q: Why do I have to pay to have my banner on your website?
A: We charge for banner placement for 3 reasons:

     We pay for advertising on other sites to get more people to our site. More hits to our site increases the chances of more hits to your site. Advertising on other sites costs us.

     As our website grows with new listings and traffic increases, we have to increase the size of our hosting package. This costs us money so we ask that you pay for banner advertising & premium listing placements to help cut down on our personal expenses.

     Banner ads are shown on all pages of our site. This means more exposure for you. We feel this kind of exposure is worth something!

Q: How do you calculate the expiration date of my banner?
We begin counting the day your banner is placed on the site. This is not necessarily the same day that you pay for the service.

Q: Will I receive notice before my placement expires?
Yes, we'll e-mail you 5 days prior to your expiration date and give you the opportunity to renew your placement or allow it to expire.

Q: Can I renew my placement before I expire and if I do, will I lose time?
A: You may renew your advertising at any time. If you renew before you are sent an expiration date the time that you pay for will be added after your normal expiration date (you will not lose time). To renew early, please contact us and let us know which banner (URL) is yours, how long you'd like to renew for, and your PayPal address.

Q: I don't have a PayPal account, how else can I pay you?
We only accept offline payments for advertising lasting more than 1 year. If you're interested in purchasing advertising space on Community Advertising for a year or more and need to pay offline, please contact us. Without purchasing for a year or more, we do not accept offline payment. However, PayPal is a free service and no account is required if you pay using a credit card.


Community Advertising

Community Advertising


Community Advertising

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